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    Acrylics By Design Thinking Green

    We believe being in business brings with it a responsibility, not only to our customers and our employees, but our children and their futures, most of all the environment. We have a two step approach we use in our campaign to being environmentally friendly.

    All of our waste product is recycled and does not go to the landfill site.

    We will recycle your clean waste plastic sheet offcuts, and encourage you to bring them in if you have any of the following you would like to dispose of please bring it in to our location:

    • Acrylics (Colors or Clears)
    • Lexans
    • Polyethylenes (HDPE/LDPE/UHMW )

    Our Commitment To Privacy

    We take customer privacy seriously and do not sell or give out any customer information. We do not keep a mailing list nor distribute a newsletter.

    Your privacy is extremely important to us. The trust placed in us by our customers is absolutely essential to our success.

    We understand that and do all we can to earn and protect that trust. We do not share your personal information with any outside companies nor collect any information.

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