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Acrylic/Plexiglass, Lexan/Polycarbonate

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We Stock & can supply a wide selection of Clear & Colored Products


Acrylics By Design Product on Colored Acrylics
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Colored Mirror
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Clear Acrylic or Plexi Glass Rod Tube
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Clear Acrylic or Plexi Glass Sheet

Colors ( Wide Selection available subject to availability )
Custom oversized sheets
Custom Mirror colors in stock ( subject to availability )
In Sheet Rod & Tube forms


Acrylics By Desogn Product on Clear Polycarbonate
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Polycarbonate Thermo
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Polycarbonate Tints


White Black & Tinted ( smoked )

Custom oversized sheets

In Sheet form

Signage Substrates

Acrylics By Desogn Product on Foam PVC
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Coroplast Type 1
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Coroplast Type 2

Foam PVC's ( White & Colors )

Coro- plast (White & Colors )

Styrenes ( White & Black )

4'x8' sheet form

Mechanical Grade Plastics:

Acrylics By Desogn Product on UHMW
Acrylics By Desogn Product on Nylon
Acrylics By Desogn Product on HDPE

All are subject to stock and availability

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Wayman Harten is a true professional who provides outstanding customer service. His products are superior and workmanship is second to none. Deadlines are respected and met.
Karen Sealy
Always on point and accurate with their products and services. Both Wayman and Michelle deliver the best customer service in the Plastics industry in the Mississauga-Brampton region.
Rajat Aggarwal
We were very pleased with the service we received…we were treated like a part of the family.
Rhonda L, Mississauga
After talking with Wayman the whole process seemed so simple and to the point, I was relieved
Steve P. Oakville Ont.
I recently ordered 10 display cases from Acrylics By Design and I am very happy with the quality of the final product. Excellent service, quality and communication.
Victor Rusu
My request was to duplicate a 40 year old dustcover for my turntable. When they delivered the final product, I mistook the new dustcover for the original.
Robert Picard
The team at Acrylics by Design did a great job making our pieces for us with great quality and well priced. The customer service team is great.
Jefferey Cormack
Recently used Acrylics by Design to make custom acrylic stands. They were fast, efficient, and the final product was outstanding. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Christophe Jivraj
Acrylics By Design were a pleasure to work with on my restaurant bar, they were prompt with their service and met all my needs happily and fairly!!
Fraser McRoberts
Big Thanks to Wayman and the crew at Acrylics by Design for graciously working with us and supplying the acrylic panels for our new television series ‘Summer Home’.
RTR Productions
I was very happy with their professionalism in navigating a couple of potential fabrication issues, coming up with solutions and producing a 1st class product, and on time as promised.
Alan Stewart
They were responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. And, best of all, they delivered results on time with excellent pricing
Robert K, Burlington Ont.
We are so pleased with the job for our Deck rails, we didn't even hesitate to start our next project with his assistance on the Custom Hot tub Gazebo Windows for our new home in Guelph
Terry j. Guelph
Wayman, congratulations on your new venture, you were always professional and sincere, a welcomed trait in Business to-day.
Tom A. Erin Ont.
Thank you ever so much for the cake stand. I really appreciate the good, professional work. I will recommend you to everyone I meet that needs work done in that area.
The new windshield is amazing. Your craftsmanship is fantastic. My girlfriend says that she can even feel a difference on the back.
I LOVE the coffee table. THANKS. I'm sure there will be other projects in the future and I'll certainly recommend you to my friends
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